Branding BIG When
You’re Small

Not the ‘B’ word again I can hear you all moan… what’s new to say here? Nothing. That’s right… it’s all been thought of, said, done before. So why are we always seeking more? Hui-Hai, a great Zen master once said, “Your treasure house is within you. It holds everything you will ever need.”


Tell that to the A types that dominate the ad business. Years working for giant corporations and agencies whose names were longer than a new pharmaceutical have convinced me that size yields clout but being tiny enables agility—in thinking as well as acting. Drop the lingo and buzz words, the theories and philosophies and go Zen. Not only will it be refreshing, it will help you stand out from the clatter of those who are trying too hard...


Putting Your Best Face

For the first time in 19 years, I missed the OOH industry’s annual conference held in Los Angeles last month, yet technology being what it is today, I felt like I didn’t skip a beat.  No sooner was OAAA’s staff back in town, there was a webinar held presenting highlights as well as videos and powerpoint presentations from the keynote speakers available to members for download.


Don’t get me wrong - there is nothing like being there, nor will there ever be a replacement for face to face relationships.  But more than ever, the next best thing - and at times, the only way - is getting what you need on line.  Love it or hate it, technology is here to stay and when well managed, can be a true boon to build business, nurture relationships and widen your net in ways you never imagined...

Stand Up for Good Health.

Everyone knows that good posture is important and goes a long way in making a favorable, first impression.  The slumped over, belly forward person is not only negatively impacting his health, he is sending a clear message that he just doesn't care about his looks - or his well being.


But it isn’t quite as easy as just standing tall, though that is a good start. The spine is an immensely complex organism which can - and does - sustain disruption throughout life, beginning with the birth process, and requires regular care to keep it in proper alignment...


Blogger for Optimal Health for an Optimal Life, 2013

Common Mistakes Using Outdoor Advertising

Co-host Brad Forsythe interviews Diane Cimine, president and media strategist for Cimine Enterprises.  Diane Cimine began her career at Airtime, a media buying service where she purchased time on radio & television in local markets around the country...




Diane is a seasoned professional and talented strategic thinker who has supported outdoor industry marketing initiatives for over a decade.  Her focus on quality results never wavers and she is responsive and adaptive.  I'd recommend her highly.

Nancy Fletcher



Diane has worked with our team on many levels and her collaborative nature, resourcefulness and marketing smarts is without peer.  No matter what the challenge, she is focused on achieving goals and providing real results.

Barry Roberts

UpStares Media


Launching a new business requires a dedicated team of trusted individuals who work seamlessly together to get done what needs doing.  Diane was on board as we shaped and launched Intelligent Proof's platform and was tireless in providing marketing support and elbow grease to my venture.  I would recommend her highly for her quality work and positive spirit.

Janice Mattheis

Intelligent Proof



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marketing strategist and writer for this emerging escalator advertising company


integrated communications for this eco-friendly manufacturer who 'transforms billboards for a greener planet'

Arbitron Research

promotional materials to launch research tools for the OOH industry

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web development & communications for this Chicago based OOH company

Carroll Media Services

strategic marketing & PR support

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launch plans and press outreach for this eco-friendly billboard substrate


Training manual for this IT services company


brochure content for this global relocation company


business development for this OOH inventory management sales tool

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press & promotional support for this PA based OOH advertising company

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editing support for this global vegan lifestyle initiative

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website development and integrated marketing materials for this digital OOH media company

Intelligent Proof

strategic marketing support for the launch of this diversified digital research company

International Park Ft Wayne

advertising plans & placement along with website relaunch for this corporate park in Ft Wayne, Indiana


strategic communications support & press outreach for this integrated OOH supplier

Mt Sinai Hospital

strategic marketing support & materials for Mt Sinai's Corrine Goldsmith Dickinson Center for Multiple Sclerosis


integrated marketing support for the launch of NEC's Vukunet digital ad-serving platform


strategic communications support for the Outdoor Advertising Association of America


integrated communications support for colleague and stakeholder programs

Rowe Chiropractic Offices

strategic marketing support and ghost writing for this chiropractic & wellness group

Smithsonian Institute

pitch materials for launch of new OOH concept

TAB OOH Ratings

strategic communications support for the OOH industry's research organization


press support for this alternative OOH media company

UpStares Media

integrated marketing, press, social media & website support for this OOH media company


business development during the launch of this global yoga supplies company